fifa 14 coins the eyes of public opinion

Three sets of roles in one,fifa 14 coins this is what Argentina all-around player in the eyes of public opinion. Two roles before Lionel Messi has played superbly, a character might come soon after. Media say whether Messi will eventually score a few goals, as long as the goals, he is also the final word, since he created shooting opportunities are plentiful.

Shot number, behind Lionel Messi was second after Portugal striker C. Cristiano Ronaldo, a total of 17 times. Third was Ghana striker Gyan, a total of 16 times, this accuracy is poor, who is the team number one penalty kick, the first two rounds 1 penalty scored, respectively. Shooting was the Fourth United States midfielder Dempsey, 15 times. FIFA statistics, number of shots on the door frame behind Lionel Messi is Jian, Gonzalo higuain and Slovenia left foot will be Bielsa, 3 per capita for 8 times. Lionel Messi shot up to score at least, but said he was so certain that no one believes, because fans all over the world know the Barcelona striker's actual capabilities, low efficiency is only a temporary illusion.

FIFA statistics there are some interesting figures, for example, run the longest distance was Germany midfielder hedila, 35.87 km, is about to catch up with the marathon distance. Messi was 25.09 km to 3 games running. Running speed of Lionel Messi has not got the first, is the top Mexico striker haweieraiernandesi, as high as 32.15 kilometers per hour, Messi only 28.72 km. But this is pure running speed, if you want to run with ball, Macy's still there is hope to get the Championship.

fifa coins Pig again blasted Germany teammates rage against the European Championship without going all out


In a interview with the kicker,fifa coins and praised Bayern's performance this season. Currently the Bundesliga giants more than 9 points ahead of second-place Bayer Leverkusen, the pig was satisfied with current strengths, said Bayern's quality staffing is very high, while pigs also stressed, must not repeat the mistake of last season, Leverkusen over however drew a turn, interview also touched on the national team and in 2012. Schweinsteiger started to reflect on yourself, "recalled of 2012 is not good, I have hurt many times, but now has no problem. "The performance of the national team, the pig is very unhappy with the:" I know, we still are the best team in world football, but in the semi-final of the European Cup is Italy kicked off! Each player has the right to ask us, we are not for this team go all out! ”

This is not the pig made similar comments for the first time, as far back as last fall, when Schweinsteiger hit out at their own team mates, in European Cup competitions that they had not done, and that had very bad atmosphere in the national team. Comments, Germany football immediately triggered uproar. Germany Captain RAM that expressed support for the pig, that these comments are helpful to the Lammy said: "when players like Schweinsteiger was published when people open their ears and start questioning. Piggy is an experienced player, he had to occasionally express some criticisms are normal, is also very important. ”

Since the team's Deputy captain said so, then Germany might really have a problem? This really is the reluctance of fans to see, since I have been, whether it is inside the Bundesliga or the Germany national team are known for their harmony. At present national team Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund's two major gangs can unite to is the Germany team in 2014 Brazil World Cup can be the key to achieving good results. Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund player can look at Real Madrid and Barcelona, while the Sabres in the League, but in the Spain national team, put the League things behind and spare no effort to fight for national emblem on his chest. (Nintendo Wii)

fifa ultimate team coins England has completed has gorgeous of metamorphosis

Missing has small Bell and Owen this two General brother of three lion Regiment really orders General female fans rather discontent and disappointed,fifa ultimate team coins but many fans are convinced Capello treatment Xia of this support England will is won of hot team, because qualifier moment no two of scenery seems to let people saw has England has completed has gorgeous of metamorphosis, however reality again gave to pumping has we a remember loud of slapped. Group stage opener soon obtained from Steven Gerrard, England's leading, this is a perfect start, yet make it seem only the ugly green butter hands. War against Algeria, there's no suspense, but still let the fans see the ups and downs of the game, first half, Algeria and even suppressed in England in duigong, which is kind of what situation do? Is furious that failed to draw each other, group stage final battle 1:0 of England beat Slovenia to qualify but it is generally for an England already have a clear understanding. Just sober can no longer expect that German war would be ended with stigma out of England, failure is the embodiment of strength, 4:1 big score is not normal, however, face a succession of Germany Chariots, admittedly not too much attention to the foot of the technical team of England, because of their strong suits is face-off against, but eventually discovered that England didn't get cheaper. Of course this defeat of a major turning point in shaking the miscarriage of Justice, Damen kicked Lampard ball on the beam refraction into the goal, but but the referee ordered the ball not making, this is England, not even taking two goals up strangled fuse. However second half England pressure Shang attack eager to back situation is exposed has rearguard line of problem, Germany chariot while England rearguard emptiness even Xia two city let all exactly defeated has is defeated has, not again to criticized Lampard of name called "blue fear de", also not to castigates Rooney of zero scored, just Capello no class of England seems to somewhat far has, prematurely to out let they pros, however from currently outgoing of message is somewhat too for far, England will thoroughly younger, prepared from U21 recruited players, Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard and other veteran would be the total absence from the national team.

fifa 14 ultimate team coins European final four play four kinds of sadness


First thing that must be mentioned is the last World Cup runner-ups in Italy and France,fifa 14 ultimate team coins the two traditional teams sectionals out early is to get unexpected results with all the fans and experts dropped glasses, good thing I didn't wear glasses. In the post-Zinedine Zidane era France, team also retained only one Henry 98 winning hero, martyr of Henry but have to settle for old zhuangxin to accept a substitute story, the ex-King of shooters only pathos. Was all are think France team of coach will is one more has qualifications more has capacity of people to served as, but reality is France FA still select has stubborn and stupid of Domenech as coach, and fascination Astrology surgery of he does not trust Anelka this member players on, bent on to he as single arrow, put Anelka recommends of double striker throwing all brain Hou, and scar face ribery and self-righteous of to boss themselves, blindly themselves with ball in left absent minded professor of bolted no fruit, and Anelka potential into fire. Eventually multi-party not reconcile of contradictions led to has French heavy repeat 02 sad love out of mistakes, just 02 Han day World Cup is because Zidane of injuries factors, 2010 South Africa World Cup of out is is Gao Luxiong chicken of since evildoers not live Italy--defensive of sad: lost has most substantial of Defense, miles of Blues just helped not Shang wall of fools Italy no longer is Italy has, because they began tries to attack up, and non-audience consistently and end of defensive counterattack play, This invasion and years of Serie a this Italy team are not suited, they don't play football. , Of course, a more important reason is this Italy team, there were three major shortcomings: first, the problem of an ageing team, especially after the instability for his defense of old and new. Succession of Metro metabolism didn't can do, Cannavaro led of rearguard line also on lost has predator of iron gate defensive; second, injuries of ensued, had of first goalkeeper cloth von suffered waist hurt plagued, and midfielder aspects Pirlo the team core brain also was injuries attacks, and Montolivo and Marchetti this two bit stand-in far cannot replaced this two bit of Yu Italy of importance; its three, despite Italy hoarding has Dinatale, and Paccini, and Gilardino, and Kwame liyaleila, and Iaquinta luxury lineup of the offensive line rotation, but it wasn't just the competition card strength, they can't form a good rapport together and fit, highly satisfied with the performance of the play, seemingly luxurious up front but sand, so there a reason the blues are not out yet?

– Son of England's mantra: the grievances the revolution has yet to succeed Fabio Capello, England young will be good medicine?

buy fifa 14 coins Murach naturalization does not need is more important cultivation Murach


Recently,buy fifa 14 coins the online Guangzhou evergrande football team Brazil Murach naturalization of foreign aid, play for the Chinese national football team discuss the hubbub. Introduction of one or even several "Murach" boost guozu strength only in the short term, it does not make a qualitative leap in China football; a long-term perspective, the Chinese soccer need to do most is still practicing, steadfast cultivating reserve talents

Recently, the online Guangzhou evergrande football team Brazil Murach naturalization of foreign aid, play for the Chinese national football team discuss the hubbub. As discussion of in-depth, people found, expect Murach joined China nationality, and support China football team captained world field of ideas practice up difficulty is big, is may just "had had mouth addiction" and regardless of this discussion eventually results how, Club, and expert, and media, and fans, parties in network Shang on China football team construction for across empty debate, this on China football of development also is a good this discussion can in online raised hot on the and continued fermentation, While is because Murach as Guangzhou constant Brigade foreign aid in in the Super and Asia Crown field Shang of excellent performance let fans "envious", hopes guozu also can has so high of players; and more of causes is is fans and media on China football, and especially national team status of discontent, eager hopes see China football team of metamorphosis recalled past two years, guozu of performance is is "not Bren": due to early missed 2014 Brazil World Cup, On February 29, 2012 through 2014 FIFA World Cup Asian qualifying final round group game to the 2015 Asian Cup qualifier on February 6 this year to participate in the first field, guozu has more than 300 days, did not participate in any official game; in the FIFA world rankings announced in March this year, guozu, dropped out of the top 100, 109th in the world, Asia 13th, created a record low ... ...

fut coins the European Cup was on holiday

But faced with Europe's big three clubs invited,fut coins Muller has not, he said, "anyone who knows me very well, Bayern is my club. Even in the situation of the Club not to my satisfaction, I will not wait until the contract expired. But I really have no idea of transfer, I was a complete Bayern Munich players, this is not going to change. "Muller is also currently participating in the European Cup was on holiday, he will return to Bayern Munich to attend the training camp 10 days after 22-year-old Muller is Bayern's youth was born, start into the Bayern first team 2008-09 season in 2009, after Louis van Gaal coached Bayern to mill increase reuse, to his starting line-up, and Muller also returns with 13 Bundesliga goals the teacher's confidence. With excellent performance, Muller was able to participate in the 2010 South Africa World Cup, and from this the Germany national team back on their feet. But ever since haiyinkesi after he took office last summer, Mueller lost to another young player Krause in the competition, in the Bayern starting line-up began to waver Moller said earlier, missed the first episode make you feel disappointed in some important matches, "when some of the most important tournament you can't be part of the team, you will be disappointed and sad. "Inter, Milan, Manchester City subsequently extended an invitation to him, Muller before the European Cup also acknowledged that" Yes, quotes from Inter Milan do exist, and I'm going to seriously consider this offer. "But after careful consideration, Muller finally decided to stay with Bayern Munich and Bayern's contract signed Müller in 2015, while haiyinkesi in attacking midfielder position better appreciate the Clovis, but of the Bild believed that Müller had the opportunity to compete with Robben on the right front position. Netherlands Peter Pan while the strength well, but too many injuries, and last season in the Champions League final penalty shootout loss is Robben Bayern fans think has plummeted. As long as the mill produced stable performance, the fans will support him replacing Arjen Robben.

fifa coins Conca says he does not feel left out

When asked about playing in China at the time,fifa coins Conca thought it was a good experience, "both on the field and still is my personal growth, this was a very good experience and, of course, and quite good income. (I) is very glad to be able to direct witness of Chinese foot [Twitter] development of the ball. ”

At the same time, Conca says he does not feel left out because of lack of playing in major league, and believed that the constant big play this experience very valuable, "although I have not played in South America, Europe of these major league ball, but I'm not (so) feels neglected. Instead, I am grateful that I have introduced into the Club in order to put in great effort, I'm here to win the National Championship, and now we are fighting for the AFC Championship, my experience is very valuable. ”

About him and hang former coach Li Zhangzhu [Twitter] contradictory reports, Conca made a statement, "I was very upset, because I have always been very professional, I like playing football. For me, I want to stay on the field. But our coaches in the game snow hid me, because my team played an important role and should not going to play all the games and risk an injury. But this is often true, so I began to fret. We discussed the matter, and he offered me the position was not what I wanted. That's it, I began to feel happy, my family is disappointed, and they began to discuss (and constant) prior to the expiration of the contract to return to Brazil of possibilities. ”

fifa coins the Sao Paulo State League

Puerto Barrios is move on and hole cards to leave under certain conditions,fifa coins Guangzhou evergrande will have two vacancies for foreign aid places next year. At present, evergrande had two players out of the scandal, one of BA-Santos leineiruniaoer, and the other is France internationals gourcuff leineiruniaoer is one of both offensive and defensive midfield player, play much like the city of Cote d ' Ivoire lower back yayatulei. In the Sao Paulo State League in the first half of this year, leineiruniaoer started playing almost all games, helping Santos scored the final. However, because of injuries and other issues, leineiruniaoer Santos lost his starting line-up this summer there was a Turkey team intends to introduce it, but then nothing came of it. Brazil media said that evergrande has signed a short-term contract with leineiruniaoer, let him helping the team to play all cups gourcuff 27 years old this year, judging from the position, he is the best man to replace Conca. Gourcuff was once deemed France boy genius, playing style was compared to the French and Zidane, foot skills, specializing in long shots, there is a superior positioning the foot ball. Gourcuff has played serie a giants AC Milan, and has won by a player of the year and France footballer of honor, on behalf of France team for the 2010 South Africa World Cup in August 2010, Lyon, gourcuff joined by traditional teams, the two sides signed a five-year contract and transfer fee of 22 million euros. In Germany the transfer market Web site, gourcuff is now worth 7 million euros. As gourcuff injury continues, Lyon this summer intended to sell it, there are rumors that arsenal against the France International is interested in. From position, young as well as worth, gourcuff is compatible with evergrande's foreign aid policy.

fifa coins 2010 South Africa World Cup


2010 South Africa World Cup Paraguay team during the group stage,fifa coins a photographer accidentally capture hot Riquelme excited expressions when looking at the ball, she gave Paraguay the gas put phone into his chest, has attracted the attention of millions of people, and Riquelme also becomes famous online. Paraguay was fierce, won the first round in the Paraguay World Cup against Italy in the opening match, pretty Larissa drew all eyes, uninhibited behaviour of odds in her breasts to let go, she possessed a large number of fans overnight that night on her Facebook friends have picked up nearly 10,000 Larissa claimed that naked

Paraguay at the 2010 South Africa World Cup success with a penalty to beat Japan's win when you advance to the tournament's quarterfinals, Larissa Riquelme, bending of a love of England lingerie, wearing revealing clothes in Asunción Paraguay team to cheer. 24 year old beauty, pledged that if Paraguay won the World Cup, their bodies painted Paraguay color streaking down the street gorgeous naked football fan who is not the first commitment to this event. Argentina coach Diego Maradona is in fact the first national team to break into the top four, her strip naked in the national square to celebrate. She makes suggestive words of xiangyan may be extra excited boys for battle and morale Larissa Riquelme is South Africa's most ostentatious attention women World Cup. She had four Paraguay game watching

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Germany World Cup success is put to one side do not say,fifa 14 coins but World Cup Germany porn industry brings significant economic benefits. Dortmund mass construction "drive-in prostitute flats", Berlin brothel is open for business. According to press reports, Germany during the World Cup hot red light district business exception, income-generating tens of thousands of prostitutes at about 500 million euros, some prostitutes carried dozens of sex trade every day 7. 2006 Germany World Cup

Germany are the most ugly World Cup team from the African country of Togo. Economic poverty, political turmoil and did not let the Togolese player discipline. In front of the team after two games early exit, Togo player before the prostitution scandal, and for solicitation of prostitutes deal or no deal. Country fans reacted strongly, think of internationals is to discredit the country. In Togo, after the team lost the first game, South Africa television show quipped: Although Togo inability of weak players on the pitch, in bed is a good 8. 2006 Germany World Cup

Brazil players are notoriously Playboy. 06 Germany World Cup started early, two prostitutes Leia and fulanxisili active erupted with Brazil the size of Romania "Sleepover." Are two matchmaking is none other than famous Roberto Carlos 9.201 South Africa World Cup