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The 2006 World Cup, a team that surprised world--Ecuador.fifa ultimate team coins They had a number of South American neighbors are jealous of the players, Argentina football announcer called them "localization of Nigerians", Brazil the newspapers call them "surprising Africa '", but very few people know that this team has 4 players from a even tap water has become a luxury in impoverished villages in mountainous areas--aerjunkaer. 2010 South Africa World Cup, Ecuador called "international village" places being flooded again looking forward to aerjunkaer located in Ecuador's capital Quito, the northern and a total population of just over 20,000. If it wasn't for football, it is all but impossible to be found on the map. 2002 FIFA World Cup qualifiers in South America, Brazil ranks 3rd, almost get out of line, in 2nd is the first "out of South America" Ecuador, aerjunkaerrendeerjiaduo and Hernan Crespo (Argentina), side-by-side as striker Wang 1800 families of this village, on average each had 8 children, most had 19 children. But "eugenics", from the 2002 World Cup began, the village for Ecuador to send 7 Dinamo! People of this village are in the colonial-era slaves from Africa, and now their descendants to be proud of his color found on the Court's stage in poor aerjunkaer, football is the only one to be proud of "specialty". But kids play ball only after bathing in a stream, "feeding" is nothing but a big pot of rice and beans. In order to save boys football shorts only. Even without universal television, Ecuador twice before at the World Cup, have a TV family will welcome guests. There is no formal pitches, no coaches, no tennis shoes, but this kid could play real "World Cup" to get out of the internationals have also begun repaying "the mother River". Delgado's free school-funded education for local youth and learning to play football, and provided free room and Board. Currently funded by 150 people, 12 people had been expected to enter Ecuador national team training. Ecuador Government also fancy has this block treasure, launched a items named "Tin plans" of youth football promotion action, production "Delgado" South Africa World Cup South America qualifier, Ecuador now to 14 points ranked 7th, but only behind 5th name Uruguay 3 points, as long as hit good Hou 6 round game, 2010, aerjunkaer of villagers, also can from shabby of TV screen Shang see themselves of fellow. (Xinhua building)

Russia fut coins Football Association announced an agreement two years Capello


Beijing time on July 26,fut coins Russia Football Association officially announced that former England boss Fabio Capello officially become Russia national team coach, the two sides signed a two-year contract, contract until 2014 Brazil World Cup. It should be noted that is, Russia Football Association did not disclose that Capello's salary, according to ESPN revealed that Italy persons annual salary of up to 10 million euros, comparable to treatment with La Liga giants Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho. After signing, Capello did an interview, Italy iron shuai said he would not be Russia language, but will do our best to overcome this obstacle, in his coaching Russia national team when Capello said that "able to coach the national team has great potential and I am very proud of it! ”

Capello coached Russia national team news has long been Russia Football Association official confirmed that on July 16, when Russia Football Association's official website announced Capello coached Russia national team, when the two sides reached a preliminary agreement, did not formally sign the contract. Until now, Russia Football Association formally signed a two-year contract with Fabio Capello, it also means that if Capello can lead Russia national team into the 2014 Brazil World Cup finals, Italy who coached Russia national team at least to the 2014 Brazil World Cup. Capello is the football world is nice, once coached AC Milan, Real Madrid, Roma and Juventus, and other top European clubs in the last four years coaching the England team in February of this year, Fabio Capello due to racial discrimination in the event fell out with the FA, after careful consideration, Fabio Capello and the FA Cup started in Europe on the eve of peace broke up. Russia change record in the European Cup because the team was too bad, although the Netherlands swept through the Czech Republic on the name shuaiaidewokate in the opening match of the European Cup, but then to Poland and Greece made only 1 of the game 1 defeat, especially for Greece match, Russia suffered defeat 0-1 on Friday and qualify for the European Championship quarterfinals. Russia after the home, resigned from the post of head coach aidewokate announced that, from then on, Russia Football Association began its search for a new head coach, after filtering, ultimately appointed former England boss Fabio Capello as Russia national coach.